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Lancaster.jpgThe RAF Historical Society was formed in 1986 and has the full support of the Air Force Board.  The Society's remit and purpose is to advance the education of RAF History, publishing the RAF Air Historical Society Journal 3 times a year as well as holding lectures and seminars.  More information can be found on the Society's website here.

Air and Space Power Journal is one of the most prestigious air power journals in the world. It is the USAF's flagship periodical.


As well as employing many of the world-renowned academics who contribute to the RAF CAPS Academic Advisory Panel and the Editorial Board of the Air Power Review, Kings College London also offers the Air Power in the Modern World masters degree programme.




UoB.jpgThe Centre for First World War Studies aims to provide an intellectual and social focus for the University of Birmingham's community of staff and graduate students and for lay persons interested in one of the seminal historical events of the modern world. The Centre has also initiated a series of occasional seminars on air power topics.  The University of Birmingham has an unofficial air power studies blog.

rusi.jpgThe Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is the leading professional forum in the UK for those concerned with national and international defence and security. Founded in 1831 by the Duke of Wellington, RUSI is the oldest institute of its kind in the world. Its purpose is to study, promote debate, report and provide options on all issues relating to national and international defence and security.

logofrench.gifThe Centre d'études stratégiques aérospatiales is the French equivalent of the RAF CAPS. It aims to generate a greater understanding of the application of air power within the French armed forces and beyond.


italian_logo_eng.gifThe website of the Italian Air Force Air Power Journal contains many fascinating articles, with a focus on contemporary operations and European air forces.

150px-RAAF_Roundel.jpgThe Air Power Development Centre of the Royal Australian Air Force works to promote a greater understanding of the proper application of air power within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and in the wider community




apa.gifEstablished in 1947, the Air Power Association plays a key role in enhancing the image of the RAF by fostering close links with the media and the defence and aviation industry. Its aim is to develop a better understanding of the Service and the role played by air power through a programme of top-level briefings, functions and visits.

indiancaps.jpgThe Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS) in New Delhi, India, is actively involved in promoting dialogue and debate on air power issues. It publishes its own periodical: Air Power: Journal of Air Power and Space Studies.

japcc.jpgThe Joint Air Power Competence Centre aims to enable NATO's effective and efficient use of Joint Air and Space Power by providing a value-added focal point for transformation.

canadian-flag.gifThe website of the Directorate of History and Heritage is a Canadian government site which provides an excellent "search" capability for materials provided by the collaborating Canadian government departments along with selected non-government organisations.

Air20League.jpgThe aim and mission of the Air League is to promote the cause of British aviation by: providing opportunities for our members to discuss aviation matters with government and parliamentarians; liaising with Government, Parliament, the Armed Services, local authorities and the press offering flying and engineering scholarships and bursaries as well as career advice to encourage young people to follow a career in aviation.


The Henry Jackson Society is a think tank and policy-shaping force that fights for the principles and alliances which keep societies free – working across borders and party lines to combat extremism, advance democracy and real human rights, and make a stand in an increasingly uncertain world.




AerosocietyLogo.jpgEstablished in 1866, the Royal Aeronautical Society has been at the forefront of developments in aerospace, seeking to promote the highest professional standards and provide a central forum for sharing knowledge.

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